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Cedarview Farms Nursery

Introducing Cedarview Farms Nursery, Faster-Finish 2 quart plants:

John and Rea asked me to come on board to help them sell so they can spend time constantly improving and growing the nursery…. I’ve still not seen a moment’s rest from them… Trust me, with the ridiculously strong quality from the hands-on attention each plant gets at Cedarview, once you see what they provide… well… they are in for more work than ever to fill your needs.  Many growers and GC’s in the southern market, and now Delaware and Maryland, are already getting custom quantities and specific plants grown by them. Check out end of season sales, pre-books, and custom grow opportunities. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PICS!

2011 Liners

Crimson Pigmy

Trumpet Vine

Prostrate Plum Yew


Crab Apple Grafts

Azalea Variety

2012 Liners, Newly Planted

Cedarview Farms Nursery
Pricing and ordering information – contact:
Joel Clement Gaydos
p: (443) 326 – 8779
f:  (888) 398 – 2935