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Rijnbeek & Son Perennials

Introducing Rijnbeek & Son, premium bare-root perennials:

Nico and Arno operate not only one of the most beautiful color nurseries I’ve seen, but also produce some of the most impeccable quality bare-root herbaceous ornamentals. Whether it’s something as common as Iris or as hard to find as a 6-8 eye Peony,  you will be floored by this product.  That said- there is little “common” about these 2,000 varieties of  perennials.  They specialize in Astilbe, Dicentra, Hemerocallis, Heuchera, Hosta and Papaver but the entire selection will make you drool. Rijnbeek also has color-care plant tags, promotional posters, and informational cards. In addition, custom tags can be imprinted with the customer’s business name and address. See the Availability-Wholesale page for their catalog.  





Pricing and ordering information – contact:
Joel Clement Gaydos
p: (443) 326 – 8779
f: (888) 398 – 2935