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Clear Ridge Nsy

Native trees & shrubs                           Union Bridge, MD

Clear Ridge is a family run wholesale nursery specializing in native trees and shrubs found in wetlands, drylands and uplands of MD, VA, DE, DC, PA, NJ, OH, NY and many other states.  While these plants are grown originally to be used for conservation projects and landscaping of properties where native plants are preferred, growing interest and new market trends have broadened customers to Garden Centers and other nurseries for retail, re-sale and shifting. Over 80 species are now grown in #1 through #10(gal) sizes. Feel free to submit your bid requests to us (, as well as any custom-grow needs you might require to complete your projects. Clear Ridge practices good stewardship,  and welcomes your used plastic nursery containers up to a #25(gal) size for their own potting.  Scroll down for pics!  Call me for details – (443) 326-8779.



ordering information – contact: Joel Clement Gaydos

p: (443) 326 – 8779 f: (888) 398 – 2935