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Clement: “Rooted in Service” is a wholesale project designed to make buying easy for you. By providing the right plants and materials for your specific needs, I aim to make Clement (named for my father), a collaboration amongst chosen vendors and my customers.

Clement is not a brokerage effort. No prices are increased through purchases made through primary and secondary vendors. My position is to act as liaison between my vendors and my customers.  However, for convenience of buying, if none of Clement’s vendors can supply a plant requested, we do have a sister plant-finding staff to aid in these cases in order to “one stop shop” when needed. 

A total of 12 years experience as a landscaper, garden center troubleshooter, landscape designer and garden center live goods purchasing agent, added to 9 years as a district representative for a major container nursery are all paramount to making Clement work for you.

The roots of Clement: Clem Gaydos

Contact: Joel Gaydos, 443-326-8779,