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Bizon Nursery

Introducing Bizon Nursery,  exotic and specimen size conifers,  and their companion plants

With the ever-increasing advent of dwarf, miniature, and narrowly columnar selections on the market, Bizon Nursery now offers conifer options for every need; from rolling estate screen hedges to the smallest garden specimens.   The choices they ship today are the result of seven to ten years’ effort, on average, from start to finished product.  Your immense selections range from liners to finished 1 gallons, to cash-and-carry, retail perfect 3 and 6 gallon, to specimen 14 foot field products.

In the over 300 acres of conifers and interspersed woodies, texture and color rule. Silver  ‘Bizon Blue’ Spruce contrasts the bright red bark of the nicest selection of Coral Bark Maple, ‘Sango Kaku’. The Dr. Seussian Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Green Arrow’ creates a row of sentinels with skirt-like foliage layering skyward, while the Thunderhead Pines look like green hairy mammoths trudging across the rolling, often mist covered hills of Bizon.

Ask me about minimum orders for ASAP and early pre-books. Let  me also know what we might be able to grow for you that is missing from your dream list. There are a lot of plants out there, but not enough like the choices Bizon Nursery offers.


ordering information – contact: Joel Clement Gaydos

p: (443) 326 – 8779 f:  (888) 398 – 2935