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Phyto Ecology

Introducing Phyto Ecology: Quality Plants in a Container

In need of a quick delivery for a landscape emergency? Did a truck from the South not arrive before the big weekend? Want great plants but you don’t want to buy $3000 worth? These are NOT the ONLY reasons to buy from Phyto Ecology (the plants are!), but they certainly help:

– The Maryland Eastern Shore location allows them to get plants to your garden center, nursery yard, or job site quickly and at a great price!

– Phyto’s ever-growing product mix is enough to whet your plant need appetite, but it won’t overwhelm you with too many sizes or untested, unproven varieties.

– There is no real minimum order for a Phyto Ecology delivery, but $1000 is preferred to ensure speedy processing, and freight minimum charge is only $100.

Come check out the nursery if you wish- It’s just over an hour from DC and Baltimore! Meanwhile…look at the availability for accurate specs and ask me any details you wish. Colored tags and pre-pricing available upon request.

ordering information – contact: Joel Clement Gaydos

p: (443) 326 – 8779 f: (888) 398 – 2935