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Plantworks GardenRich Plants

Introducing Plantworks GardenRich(r) groundcovers and more:

Founded in 1978 as a tiny backyard grower of small plants, this Northern North Carolina farm now covers over 20 acres and 100,000 square feet of greenhouse space.  In addition to providing an incredibly unique and extensive line of ground covers, including 9 varieties of liriope and 18 different ivies, Plantworks (selling all items under the GardenRich brand), provides prime retail-ready ferns, perennials, grasses, annuals, herbs, tropicals and vines.  Sizes are in 2.25″, 4″, qt, gallon, 2 gallon, and 3 gallon and are also used by growers for shifting, as well as high end landscapers.

Some specialty items are also now available in biodegradable  eco-plastic soil wraps that can be planted directly in the ground,  and further innovations are constantly being explored to keep Plantworks as a trendsetter of our industry.  Doug Chapman, in fact, owner of the nursery, was awarded the Grower of the Year award by the NCNLA in 2011.




Pricing and ordering information – contact:

Joel Clement Gaydos
p: (443) 326 – 8779
f:  (888) 398 – 2935